RFS Certificate in arboriculture

(RFS Cert.arb., or Cert.arb. RFS)

A qualification for craftsmen administered by the Royal Forestry Society consisting of the ABC Certificate in arboriculture (theory) and a number of competence-based short courses validated by National Proficiency Training Council (practical), often taken part-time or by day release. See the RFS website for details. Equivalents include the ISA ‘certified arborist’, EAC ‘European tree worker’ and C&G tree surgery qualifications, the last-mentioned studied full-time at college for 8-10 weeks. See International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), European Arboricultural Council, City & Guilds Land-based Services. The RFS Cert.arb. is at level 2 of the qualifications and credit framework. Other level 2 qualifications are to include a QCF award, certificate, extended certificate and diploma in arboriculture.

This definition is abridged from A – Z of tree terms: A companion to British arboriculture.
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